Commonwealth Cargo, Inc. is a leader in transportation and warehousing solutions, providing service to Richmond, VA and throughout the mid-Atlantic.  Since 1997 we have dedicated ourselves to the best service for the best customers.  Our service is uncompromised.  We understand the critical importance of each shipment.  We prioritize every shipment ensuring cargo moves swiftly from origin to destination.  There is simply no one more important than our customers.  For them...for you, we never stop.

Warehouse Services


Our Container Freight Station is one of the few in central Virginia.  We can pick up or deliver to any local port. We have  proudly operated as a US Customs bonded warehouse, L927, since 1999.

Transport Services

Commonwealth Cargo offers custom solutions for all of your unique needs from the initial order to the fulfillment and transportation of that order.


 We service he following distribution centers daily:

Target - Stuart's Draft

Best Buy - Staunton

Walmart - Sutherland and Mount Crawford

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